NEW INVESTMENT: neuroCare Group AG

August 26th 2021

Convergence Partners has joined the latest €15m funding round of neuroCare Group AG (“nCG”), a fast-growing German HealthTech company providing personalised mental health care to patients around the globe.

Co-investors include Christian Angermayer`s re.Mind Capital, US-Psychedelics fund Palo Santo and German VC bm|t. nCG has been advancing mental health care and performance enhancement, having commercialised a digital therapeutics platform (“DTxP”) empowering clinicians to deliver best practice and achieving best and sustainable outcomes for patients. Following a detailed assessment of the patient, clinicians develop personalised therapy plans. nCG‘s objective and measurable approach is based on our brain‘s natural ability to learn (neuroplasticity), improving self-regulation and is aided by technology/ digitalisation to enhance the learning and the care delivery.

Convergence - Managing Partner Daniel Koppelkamm comments: "The world is experiencing a mental health crisis, further amplified by COVID-19, which requires better solutions than the treatment status quo. nCG has developed a highly effective wholistic treatment model that combines psychotherapy, neuromodulation, medication and digital therapeutics to treat mental health issues like depression, ADHD, OCD and insomnia. We are excited to join nCG`s growth journey as an active investor". Tom Mechtersheimer, nCG`s Founder & CEO adds: "We welcome Convergence to our existing high-profile investor base and look forward to tap into their global network to further scale both, our clinics network and the DTxP franchise model. We already operate 18 clinics treating more than 2.000 patients per annum and have growing 3rd party sales from our DTxP."

About neuroCare

neuroCare is active in the fast growing market for neurotherapy, a non invasive option for mental health, pain and rehabilitation using neuromodulation technologies integrated with psychotherapy. By measuring and modulating brain activity neuroCare helps clinicians and patients to achieve significant and lasting therapeutic outcomes. neuroCare is further specialized in applying neuromodulation techniques (such as QEEG assessments) to improve diagnostics for choosing the right therapy (prognostics). This allows neuroCare to personalize treatment to the patient‘s needs. neuroCare offers treatment for psychiatric disorders, pain management and rehabilitation via its international network of neuroCare clinics.

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